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Chiropractic Care

Our clinic utilizes state of the art equipment and treatment therapies in order to provide advanced spinal correction and chiropractic adjustments. The non-invasive, drug-free, hands-on approach focuses on patient examination, diagnosis and customized treatment. Through diagnostics, we are trained to recommend therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises to patients. We also recognize the health-related benefits of nutrition and proper lifestyle choices.

Oak Creek Chiropractor

Auto & Work Injury

There are millions of auto accidents occurring in the United States each and every year. Dr. Gavric utilizes a combination of chiropractic
care along with other non-invasive alternative health therapies to treat the symptoms of auto accidents and work related injuries.

Auto and Work Injury Treatment

Pregnancy and Pediatric Chiropractic

Dr. Greg Gavric offers chiropractic care for expecting mothers. When your body goes through the various stages and trials of pregnancy and labor, your spine is subjected to extreme amounts of stress. After all, it has to constantly adjust itself to bear the growing weight of another person over a short time frame of just nine months. The center of gravity shifts forward and substantial weight gain adds stress to the spine of the expecting mother. This stress frequently causes lower back pain, headaches and migraines, nausea, insomnia, and other symptoms that can wreak havoc on your quality of life.

Children particularly need pediatric chiropractic care as they age because a lot of the problems we experience as adults actually
come from our childhood – either because we fell , broke something or simply had poor posture (which is extremely common today).

Pregnancy and Pediatric Chiropractor

Nutritional Counseling

The American Chiropractic Council (ACA) highly recommends nutritional counseling as a safe, effective and essential component
of one’s chiropractic regimen.  Nutritional guidance can directly and positively impact the overall success of chiropractic care.

When you visit our clinic, Dr. Gavric will discuss various dietary options with you and assist you in choosing the most agreeable
yet nutritious solution. Chiropractic care generally incorporates nutritional counseling as well as prescribed routine exercises. We
assist you in making sure your body receives the nutritional resources to undergo vast transformation, repair and renewal.

Nutritional Counseling

Additional Chiropractic and Wellness Services at Gavric Chiropractic


Spinal Adjustments

By skillfully adjusting the spine’s vertebrae to their original natural position, you are able to function at your highest level.

Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression or IDD Therapy is the most effective and non-invasive treatment option for herniated and bulging discs.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy combined with chiropractic care enables faster recovery from ailments such as back pain, neck pain and accident injuries.

Activator Method

A common method of chiropractic adjustment that utilizes a small hand held machine to provide for a more gentle manipulation.

Sports Injuries

Our clinic provides effective sports injury treatment that gets you back in the game quickly along with long term therapies that keep you there.

Sciatica Therapy

Safe and effective treatments to stimulate dead or damaged nerves to improve function and relieve pain suffered from sciatica.

Back & Neck Pain

Eliminate symptoms of chronic back and neck pain with non-invasive chiropractic therapies that do not require prescription medication.

Rehabilitation Exercises

The goals of rehab therapy are to restore optimal movement and function and to relieve pain through individualized treatment programs.

Chronic Headaches

Naturally alleviate chronic migraine and cluster headaches through chiropractic care without the use of harmful medication.

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